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Links Collection Quo Vadis?

Featured Link Of The Month:
- Radzivill's Castle in Mir, Western Belarus
Beautiful Photo Gallery And Mir's History (En).

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Books, journals, portals Krajavid (The Landscape) -- The first Belarusian-Litvanian on-line bookstore. (Be, En) ARCHE -- the magazine for people who want to read THEIR OWN. (Be) Virtual Guide to Belarus -- a lot if information about GDL in the history section. (En) Radyjo Svaboda (Radio Liberty) with daily news in Belarusian. (Be) Bielaruskaja Palicka -- Belarusian Bookshelf. Lots of great Litvanian books. (Be)

Language Jatvingian Dictionary by Joeseph Pashka. (En and Jatvagian)

Religion Katalicki Kasciol Na Bielarusi -- Catholic Church in Belarus. A lot of information on Catholic church in Belarus, beautiful photo album. (Be, En) Belarusian Catholic Mission in Great Britain. (En) Staronka siabryny bielarusow-katalikow u Sankt-Pieciarburhu. (Li) Ryma-katalickaja parafija Uniebawziaccia Najsviataje Dzievy Maryji. (Be Ru Pl De) LAZA -- the Belarusian-American page about Jesus Christ. (Be En Ru)

Music Camelot -- a great Litvanian band with the Medieval Litvanian spirit. NRM -- Narodnaja Respublika Mroja -- a great rock band. (Be, En, Ru) Ulis -- legendary Belarusian rock band. (Be, En, Ru) Vopli Vidoplasova -- great Ukrainian band.

Litvanian Miscellany Dobra Szlachecka is a village in south east Poland and was ethically cleansed in 1947. It was king Jogaila who gave privilleges to inhabitants of Dobra in 1402. Dobras people were Lituanians. (En, Pl) Ulucz village had a similar fate as Dobra Szlachecka's village. (En) King Popiel's personal home page. Probably one of the potential candidates to become the new Litvnaian duke. (En, Pl) Kastus Mardzvincaw's personal page with sorted and annotated Belarusian links (Li, Be, En) Tymarnasc -- a personal page of TwoSerge. (Be) Aliaksiej Sierka's page on Litvanian history. (Be) The Association of Belarusian Nobility (Szlachta). (En)

Other Virtual Countries Volny Peterburg. Respublika Ingermanlandyja -- virtual country of separatists from Russia fighting against Federation. (Ru) New Utopia -- a real state in Carribean. We are not alone ;). (En)

These are the pages of Litvania's friends and, so to speak, Litvania's virtual firends, i.e. people we contacted over the net and exchanged links with. Please, visit their pages:

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