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Jonada Rrapo and Uladzi
Jonada and Uladzi at the Black Sea
Certified HTML Prgrammer
Uladzi's Official Transcript

  • Uladzimir Katkouski, last year student in AUBG in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.
    Responsibilities: design, promotion, focus on linguistic issues;
    Personal Email:
    Note: I am looking for a job starting May 1999. Please, see my resume. By the way, I am a certified HTML programmer click the Tekmetrix box to the left to see the official transcript.
  • Alesia Piasieckaja, working in Wizard Communications in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Responsibilities: design, techincal writer;
    Personal Email:
    Note: Please, do not bother me with fan mail. Kidding...
  • Jonada Rrapo, last year student in AUBG in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria.
    Responsibilities: our main critic ;-)
    Personal Email:
    Note: This site needs a lot of work, and I am the one who'll make it better!  

Thanks to Wladzimier Michnievicz who helped us with language issues, to Juras Juckievicz and Viktus Nahnibiada for starting the whole thing, to everyone else for putting links to our web-site.

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Uladzimir Katkouski
Uladzimir L. Katkouski
Alesia Piasieckaja
Alesia Piasieckaja