Litvanian language -- licvinskaja mova


Litvanian language (licvinskaja mova) is based on old Belarusian language.

The grammar usage is very similar to the grammar documented in Jazep Losik's Grammar (one of Taraskievica versions). There are a few exceptions: we use "i with two dots" for "ji" sound and write "sia" (reflexive ending for verbs) seprately, and so on. You can take part in our linguistic voting.

Litvanian lexical set is quite richer that Belarusian, for those archaic words (usually with Roman, Latin or Greek origins) that were abandonded in modern Belarusian are still used in modern Litvanian. Please, go to Dictionary section. There you'll find a lot of materials.

The Litvanian language uses Latin letters as opposed to Belarusian which officially is written in Cyrillics. Please, see the info about Latin script usage in Belarusian -- here. And, of course, take a look at the alphabet -- Abeceda.

Here you can download a small Microsoft Word macro written in VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) that translates Cyrillics Belarusian into Litvanian:
-- KIR-LAC.BAS (tested only in Word'97!!!)

Join the team -- you can take part in our voting about Litvanian language usage.

Linguistic discussions take place in our discussion list. Please, write to to join.

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In the next several weeks we plan to post here a lot more materials (alphabet, grammar texts, dictionaries). Please, make sure you